Introduced Oculus Rift S VR helmet – Iron news – Game of chance

society Oculus VR introduced its new generation of Rift headphones. The novelty is characterized by a higher resolution of screens and an integrated motion tracking system. The latter allowed to leave the tracking cameras.

The novelty is called Oculus rift sand the company took part in the development Lenovo. According to the representatives Oculus, the Chinese technology giant will accelerate production and improve the design of the original helmet split.

The novelty received screens with a resolution of 1280 x 1440 for each eye, the Oculus Insight tracking system, modified touch motion controllers and an integrated audio system. The last elements do not differ from the original Rift version.

It is reported that the future helmet search is Rift s it will cost the same – $ 400 (25.7 thousand rubles). Therefore, it will be possible to choose between a stand-alone helmet and plug-in. In this case, both options will support the same games, namely cross-play and cross-purchase.

One of the new features available on the Quest and Rift S platforms is the system Passthrough plus. This system allows you to configure and limit the virtual space so as not to lock furniture or other internal objects. The timing of the emergence of new articles in Russia is not reported.


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