Intubated woman covered with ants in hospital in Naples. Inspection of the Nas, sealed room

Horror at theHospital St. John Bosco of Naples, where a woman intubated was found submerged by the ants. The Greens are to report it. "After our complaint, the medical director Giuseppe Matarazzo closed the room of the medicine department for cleaning up and cleaning", said Francesco Emilio Borrelli, regional councilor for the Greens and member of the Health Commission. "The woman – continues Borrelli – can not communicate passively suffer the cruelty of those who have allowed all this. At our request, the director opened an internal investigation to verify how this was possible and to punish those responsible ".

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Nas in the hospital. The Carabinieri del Nas have already carried out an inspection at the hospital to carry out the checks and acquire every useful element to clarify the episode. The Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo, announces this in a statement. "The medicine room on the second floor of the facility was sealed, the reclaimed area and patients transferred to other departments. We will ask the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, for a detailed plan of actions to prevent such incidents from occurring any more ", explains Minister Grillo.

There are two ongoing investigations on the case. To that of the Carabinieri del Nas, is added the administrative one launched by the Campania Region with its inspectors and those of the ASL Napoli 1. At the San Giovanni Bosco of Naples came the general director of the Regional Health Department, Antonio Postiglione, the medical director dell 'Asl Naples 1 Pasquale Di Girolamo Faraone and the men of the nucleus of the ASL Napoli 1. "The investigation will be fast and rigorous," said Postiglione.

"Mrs. Thilakawathi's family members do not intend to make a complaint," reports the regional councilor of the Verdi Borrelli, who is a spokesman for the Sinhalese woman's family. «I was asked – he says –
to point out that towards the San Giovanni Bosco hospital there is only gratitude for having welcomed the lady in
precarious health conditions ".

Everything was born on 22 October when the woman, already a guest in a rehabilitation facility in Telese for health reasons and about to return to Sri Lanka after visiting her daughter who works in Naples, feels bad. The airline does not authorize the journey in those conditions and the lady is admitted to the nearby San Giovanni Bosco hospital. Then the complications and the coma. «Excluding the episode to be condemned, the relatives believe that the lady was assisted with all the attention. Now they asked me to make an appeal – Borrelli continues – they want me to go home, to Sri Lanka, but need a doctor who takes responsibility for accompanying her. I hope someone can gather their appeal ".

The health director. "Until yesterday there was not a similar situation. In any case, all the procedures have been started to ascertain responsibility and causes of what happened ». So at Ansa the medical director of the San Giovanni Bosco hospital in Naples, Giuseppe Matarazzo. "As advised by the councilor Borrelli – adds Matarazzo – I proceeded to close the room and clean up and clean the area. The patient was transferred to another room ".

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