Inverter, the technology that allows you to consume up to 70% less energy

When buying a appliance, consumers analyze many variables that go beyond the final price: the value of the brand and its presence in the market, quality, guarantee and design. But there is a feature that is becoming more and more important these days: energy efficiency.

In a macroeconomic context with rising inflation and a imminent rate increase which will notably affect the pockets, it must be taken into account that not all air conditionersfor instance, have the same saving technology.

The recent announcements regarding the updating of energy rates by the new Minister of the Economy, Serge Massaset off the alarms, both for residential users who had asked that the subsidies be maintained.

Specifically, he indicated that the first 400 kilowatts (kwh) of consumption and, for the remaining demand, there will be a rate increase, regardless of whether the user met the criteria to maintain the subsidies.

Emerged in 1981, advances in electronics over the last 40 years have achieved incredible improvements in the operating performance of these devices and, at the same time, have lowered energy consumption. Inverter technology guarantees a lower energy consumption between 50% to 70% than those teams that do not have it.

How inverter technology works

The first thing to know about equipment air conditioning with inverter technology is that they are similar to the conventional ones in their “external appearance”. This clarification is because perhaps many people may think that they do not look like the ones they are used to seeing. Design, as we saw earlier, is not a minor issue.

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Now, the fundamental difference of this equipment is the high-tech electronic components with which they were manufactured, which allow intelligent control of their operation. For example, the speed of the compressor can be controlled as needed.

Even in some more advanced aires, the electronics also regulate both the speeds of the turbine and fan motors as well as the opening of the expansion valve.

According to Pablo Favilla, Head of Engineering at Newsthis has a positive impact on the equipment in different ways: it regulates the speed of the compressor so that, without stopping, it decreases its speed to the minimum necessary and maintains the required temperature in the environment. “Practically never goes out”he points out.

However, the traditional equipment they work by turning off and restarting the equipment to maintain the desired temperature and that is why they generate greater electrical consumption. Therefore, they bring the speed of the compressor to its maximum power (greater than the one that could work constantly) with the aim of reaching the required room temperature in the shortest possible time.

Inverter technology is, by itself, much more efficient. But even so, among the teams that have it there may be quality differencesboth in the electronic technology used and in the compressor.

“The better the Inverter electronic technology used, the better the speed of the compressor is regulated and the equipment reacts sooner to changes in ambient temperature. If the compressor speed regulation is more efficient, will increase energy savings up to 50% and user comfort, obtaining thermal amplitudes of around only 2°C, against 6°C or 7°C that are achieved with conventional equipment”, explains Favilla.

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As for the compressor, the greater its reaction capacity, it will alter its speed at increasingly lower differentials so that the user does not perceive sudden temperature changes. “It is important to note that the sensation of cold and heat that we usually have when we use the air conditioning at night, due to the frequent starts and stops of the compressor of the conventional equipment, practically disappears in Inverter equipment”, clarifies the Newsan specialist.

Which brands use inverter technology

There are also refrigerators with this technology.  (Photo: JM Foglia)
There are also refrigerators with this technology. (Photo: JM Foglia)

Faced with the advantages offered by these air conditioners with Inverter technology, it becomes much more important to know what they are. The models currently being marketed in the country.

For example, the air philco they have it and reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. Among the main features of these models are their high energy efficiency, low noise level, cutting-edge design, a programmable timer and a dimmer to achieve a better rest. Some models of the Noblex, Sansei and Siam brands also have this technology.

Meanwhile, the teams LG Cool Art They have Dual Inverter technology, which saves up to 70% more energy compared to the ”On-Off” function present in traditional air conditioners. In addition, it allows its speed to be adapted to the user’s needs, maintaining the room temperature within the comfort zone defined for the room.

In times of high power outages and low voltage, these models can operate with up to 20% less than normal voltage thanks to their electronic stabilization technology.

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“In recent years we have witnessed how the trend of consumers to look for equipment that combines the best of technology, energy savings and that also have an innovative design that allows revaluing the environments has accelerated. LG has the best airs on the market that combines each of these characteristics,” he said. Mariela CodaMarketing Senior Manager de LG Argentina.

Like several options in the segment, this class of LG airs operates at low sound levels, thanks to the exclusive tilt fan and Dual Inverter Compressor, which eliminate unnecessary noise and allow smoother operation.


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