Investigation ensures that the Minsal reports in Chile almost half of the deaths from Covid-19 that it delivers to the WHO

Changes in the methodology and new counts. The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that the total number of people killed as a result of COVID-19 in the country scored a new maximum for the second consecutive day, accounting for 222 new deaths. The total of deaths is 2,870 according to the Minsal. However, this figure would be very far from the reality that the portfolio itself reports to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to a report by Cyprus, the ministry led by Jaime Mañalich would report to the WHO more than 5,000 deaths due to COVID-19, well above the cases officially reported to citizens in Chile.

According to the journalistic investigation, the Ministry of Health reports to the international entity the reports prepared by the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS), which conform to the criteria requested by the WHO, unlike what happens with the Publicly reported daily balance sheet figures for pandemic management.

To arrive at the total figure, the DEIS, in charge of keeping the official registry of causes of death in Chile, also takes into account the deaths that are considered suspicious or attributable to the coronavirus and not only those with a positive PCR test, such as explained a few days ago the head of the Health portfolio.

Specialists who know these reports and the methodology with which they are prepared, told the media that in the middle of this week the information from the DEIS, contained in an Excel file, indicated that the Minsal department had already accounted for just over 5,000 associated deaths. to COVID.

As detailed in the report, in the DEIS manual work is done, tracking death inscriptions that account for COVID-19 as a cause of death or those that can be linked to the virus, and not through the software recommended by WHO to count cases.

“The DEIS personnel who work on this task work from Monday to Sunday and keep their records up to date. The consolidated figures are delivered weekly to the Ministry of Health Planning (Diplas) of the Ministry of Health. And from there they are sent to Minister Jaime Mañalich and the undersecretaries Paula Daza and Arturo Zúñiga, “says Cyprus.

Without confirming or denying the figure of 5,000 deaths, Minsal responded to the media’s inquiries, explaining that the WHO requests the liaison offices of the countries, for the sole purpose of epidemiological surveillance, information on suspected, probable, and deceased cases. with and without laboratory confirmation of COVID-19, which Chile sends once a week. “The World Health Organization does not publish these information, but they are for the exclusive use of epidemiological surveillance,” they point out.

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