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So he says in a summary, the Minister of Justice Barr has moved to Congress. Asked if Trump was guilty of obstructing justice, Mueller's report remains undecided.

United States Attorney General William Barr sent a four-page letter to the US Congress on Robert Mueller's Sunday report (on the document). According to this summary, the US special investigator Mueller came to the conclusion that there was no collusion between the election campaign of Donald Trump and Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign. When asked about the obstruction of justice, the report Mueller does not alleviate the president of the United States – but Mueller has not come to the conclusion that Trump has committed a crime.

As for the Russian interference in the American election campaign, the Mueller Barr report according to two strategies: first, the Internet research agency of the Russian organization conducted a disinformation campaign on social networks; On the other hand, the Russian state actors had an e-mail account of the Democrats hacked and spread the material to "influence the elections". Several times in his letter, Barr reiterates that "the Special Investigator has not come to the conclusion that the Trump campaign or any associated person has collaborated or conspired in this effort with the Russian government".

If Trump had remained silent all weekend on the Mueller investigation, the official response of the White House on Sunday came promptly: the results would have relieved the president of "totally and completely" from the charge of hindering the judicial power, announced the press office.

Special envoy Robert Mueller delivered his report to Justice Minister Barr on Friday, completing his investigation into President Donald Trump's Russian affair after nearly two years. Barr therefore had to decide what information from the document he would give to the US Congress and, where appropriate, to the public. On Sunday afternoon, it was clear that the information provided by the Barr Parliament and the people adapted to four pages.

In addition to the substantive results, this also includes a description of how the Mueller team worked: that 19 lawyers and about 40 agents worked for Mueller, that nearly 500 research mandates were obtained, 500 witnesses were interrogated and 13 requests for administrative assistance are been made to foreign governments Starting in May 2017, it determined whether there was any collusion between Trump's camp and Russian officials in alleged attempts by Russia to influence the US presidential campaign in 2016 – and if Trump hindered the justice with the dismissal of the head of the FBI James Comey. The investigation led to over 30 charges. Among them are six people from Trump's environment – like his former campaign leader Paul Manafort and his former security advisor Michael Flynn.

Politics United States The struggle for sovereignty of the interpretation rages

The battle for interpretative sovereignty is raging

What the Mueller report says is not yet known – but the Democrats are already pushing for the publication of all the evidence. The pro-Trump Fox News channel asks for revenge.By Alan Cassidy

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