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Investigators came with a search to kvass producer "Nikola"

In the UK, they believe that the management of Deka JSC – the company that produces the kvass of the "Nikola" and "Stepan Timofeevich" brands – avoided paying taxes of 26 million rubles.

Photo: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

The investigative committee employees conduct research at JSC "Deka" in Veliky Novgorod, this is a company – a kvass producer "Nikola". As for the company, a criminal case was presented for tax evasion, according to the IC site in the Novgorod region.

The investigation believes that from July to October 2018, Deka's management provided false declarations to the tax authorities, thus avoiding paying taxes totaling over 26 million rubles. The case was initiated pursuant to part 1 of the art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (failure to pay large-scale taxes).

Now the investigative committee employees and employees of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the region are conducting research at the company.

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According to SPARK, the parent company of Deka JSC, registered in Veliky Novgorod, is General Invest LLC. Decks general manager is Nikolay Levitsky. The manufacturer's website, Nikola, indicates that the sales and distribution systems of the company cover Russia, the CIS countries, several European countries, the United States, China and Vietnam.



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