Investigators put on robbery on retiree on TV hunt


Should also help in the case of the bereaved pensioner from Neu-Anspach: broadcast “Aktenzeichen XY … unresolved”
Picture: dpa

As before, the police did not explain the 18 months previous robbery on a retiree from the Hochtaunus. Now “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” should help. Especially as there is a connection to another case.

eIn one and a half years after a robbery on a retiree in Neu-Anspach in the Hochtaunuskreis, the police are relying on the television allegation “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved”. The investigators are hoping for the public search for a hunt this Wednesday for clues to the two previously unknown perpetrators.

In December 2017, they raided the 79-year-old woman in her home and stole valuable jewelry, watches and cash from the vault, the agency said on Tuesday. A gene analysis showed that one of the two robbers could also have been involved in the demolition of a ticket machine in Groß-Karben in Wetteraukreis in 2013.



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