Investigators reported what led to the accident with nine deaths in Tuva


KRASNOYARSK, 13 July – RIA News. The car, in which nine people died at the crossroads in Tuva, stopped in the middle of the river due to a stalled engine, reports the regional council of the investigative committee.

On the eve, in a Bai-Taiginsky district, a UAZ vehicle toppled over while trying to cross the ford of the Shuya River. In total, there were 12 people in the car, nine of whom died, including seven children. Two surviving men who tried to keep the car afloat. A woman was taken away by the current, has not yet been found.

At the scene, investigative team continues to work. The investigation took control of the central office of the investigative committee.

Mourning is declared to Tuva.



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