Investiture of Feijóo, live | Feijoo: "There is not a single voter who can think that we have let them down."

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This Friday at 12:15 p.m. it begins in the Congress of Deputies the third day of the debate of investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Today will be the second vote, in which Feijóo will need to obtain a simple majority to be able to form a government. A possibility that is far from realistic since it is difficult for the leader of the PP, barring surprise, to achieve more than the 172 supports in favor that he obtained on Tuesday in the first vote.

Minutes before that time, after 11:30, the leader of the PP has exhibited the strength of his party in Congress and the Senate by taking a photo with the majority of his deputies and senators on the steps of Congress.

feijóo has taken the floor in what is his last speech of the investiture debate to try to convince Congress, where he has assured that “there is not a single voter who could think that we have defrauded them.” The leader of PP has assured that he is aware that “predictably” he will obtain the support of 172 deputies, which will not be enough for him to govern, and has asked the PSOE that he call new elections so that the Spaniards can choose whether they want him to govern in exchange for the amnesty that the Catalan independentists demand to reach an agreement. Furthermore, he has made a direct appeal to Sánchez to appear in the investiture debate: “Have the courage that you did not have on Tuesday and take the floor.”

A call that the acting President of the Government has ignored since, once again, the PSOE’s reply has been given by the deputy Oscar Puentewho has stressed that, in his opinion, feijóo He has had a month to prepare for the investiture which he has “wasted”. In reference to this, he has asserted that “a statesman does not trample on the symbols of the State.”

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