Invisible orthodontics, everything you need to know before correcting our teeth

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Since the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people turning to healthcare has skyrocketed. invisible orthodontics. Problems such as dental crowding or misalignment, which until a few years ago were corrected with the famous metal braces, have come to be treated with these transparent aligners that can be easily removed and put on.

If you are thinking of using one or are simply curious about how this method of dental alignment works, I invite you to continue reading.

It is an orthodontic treatment that has the purpose of correcting bad positions or deviations of the teethusing removable transparent aligners custom-made for each patient with the help of a computer program that scans our mouth and allows us to see what the final result will be like from the first day.

It’s especially annoying when it’s time to change phases and start with a new pair of aligners. You will notice that they put pressure on your teeth, especially in the first days of the change, but it is necessary and an indicator that they are being positioned correctly.

If by normal life we ​​mean eating and drinking everything, not with invisible orthodontics on. We can drink water without a problem, but if we want to drink infusions, coffee or soft drinks, we must first remove the aligners. The same thing happens with food, we can eat whatever we want but always after removing them. And at the end,Before putting them back, we must brush the teeth.

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