Inzaghi: "A round of applause for my boys, now the first place in the group would be important"


" A tough race was waiting for us against one of the two finalists of the last edition of Europa League: we respected Garcia's men, we did not risk anything. We gave them a little dribble, but it was budgeted. We need to applaud my boys, for the second year in a row we qualified for the final round of the competition with two rounds in advance. "

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi commented in the press conference of the passage in the Europa League after a 2-1 defeat at Olympique Marseille on the fourth day of the group stage. "The first place in the group would be very important, but the Eintracht Frankfurt is going straight and in the 49th minute, in the direct clash, it boasted two men more and the German team can count on a good margin in comparison with us in addition to three more points: we are qualified for the next round of the tournament, but we will play the next races in the best way as we have always done, then we will see where we will have arrived – added the biancocelesti coach at the press conference projecting on the challenge with the Germans – We want to carry out the competition to the fullest, our goal is to go as far as possible knowing that there are important teams in the competition We wanted to pass a very complicated group and the guys were good performing three good performances and in Frankfurt, eleven against eleven I think the race would have ended in another way ".

Inzaghi had to give up at the last moment to Felipe Caicedo, who forced Ciro Immobile to work overtime. "He should have played with Correa tonight, then he suffered a problem with the left-handed driver who will have to be evaluated: we do not know if he will be at our disposal for Sunday's race – revealed Lazio coach – he is an important player he is helping a lot, his presence in Sassuolo is in great doubt ".

Marco Parolo

Marco Parolo Getty Images

"Our goal was to pass the round, we did it and now we can try to get to the last with the Eintracht to be able to play the first place, congratulations to the team, congratulations for the performance, we wanted it, we have obtained and we are happy ". Marco Parolo was satisfied at the end of the 2-1 victory against Lazio against Olympique Marseille which allowed the biancocelesti to qualify for the Europa League round of 32 with two days in advance.

" I think that from Lazio this year, maybe you expect a lot, after what you did last year. However, at the level of results, we are traveling, more or less, what was done last year. In the standings we are in the position where we were, in Europe we had gone after four games. So, perhaps, we expect a little more, but we must be good, with the results, to go and get it. Today we were eager to bring home the result, more than good. There was the right wickedness. They found the 2-1, but the team was good to restart, to play, and we had more than us the opportunity to make the 3-1, that they to make the equalizer, apart from the final siege , which, however, can be there. This team is growing and, as I said after the defeat against Inter, we must try to improve and make this last step to be a great team"

Parolo is one of the untouchables of Simone Inzaghi in his rotations. "I always try to get myself ready, let's say that when you go in there with age, you always want to play, because you never know when, afterwards, the time will come when you do not play anymore. ready, to take care of every single physical, alimentary, and preparation aspect Then, maybe, even when maturing, you manage recovery much better, the anxiety of the matches, you are calmer, and you can enjoy them better – the former player of the Cesena – When you see the cyclists at the Tour de France win it at 33-34, I think and I do not understand why a 33-34 year old player is considered old – I still feel like I want to do, to prove, and it's up to me every time to take the field and deserve to play ", concluded Parolo.



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