IO Interactive’s Project 007 plans to become a James Bond trilogy

“It’s easy to imagine that a trilogy could come out of here.”

Not much is known about IO Interactive’s upcoming James Bond game, Project 007, but the studio director, Hakan Abrak, seems to be willing to the next game will be the first part of a trilogy.

In a recent interview with a Danish website, Abrak said about the project: “They have allowed us to create our own digital Bond, which is not going to rely on a well-known Bond actor. We also have a completely original story and one could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of here. “

Abrak also spoke of his meeting with James Bond license holders, EON Productions y MGM, on the idea, and curiously states that Barbara Broccoli (the woman who has the last word on Bond’s license) I was not happy with previous James Bond installments on consoles. Abrak says Broccoli didn’t believe what were “Worthy enough” and that they presented “Violence for violence’s sake”.

Luckily for IO Interactive, Abrak seems to have been able to convince Broccoli. Abrak attributes to what he calls “A good scandinavian charm” and one “Realistic attitude” of the study along with a solid presentation. Hakan is also confident that IO can prove it to fans: “We really want to make a high-quality game that fans all over the world will love. And I am sure that we will succeed ”.

Time will tell if it pays off and if indeed IO Interactive manages to do that trilogy. Meanwhile, we are all playing Hitman 3, which just came out in Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch y PC.

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