iOS 13 Release Date & What's New – When's iOS 13?


Apple is about to release the latest iOS version. iOS 13 promises iPhone users numerous changes, innovations and improvements. Good news in advance: not only users of the latest iPhone generation will benefit from iOS 13. Even for older ones AppleSmartphones, the update will be available for download.

Learn all about the new features of iOS 13, which iPhone models get the update and when the release of the revised operating system is expected.

Release date of the iPhone update – wAnn is iOS 13?

Apple has officially officially confirmed the release for iOS 13 as part of the product innovations at the Apple event. iOS 13 is from the September 19, 2019 for iPhone users to download.

For a long time, Apple was covered with an exact release date for iOS 13. So it said only that iOS 13 would appear in the fall of 2019. However, the iPhone group released this information on June 3 at the WWDC keynote.

In the past, Apple had always released its major iOS updates in the fall between the launch and launch of the new iPhones. The new iPhone devices were presented at the keynote on September 10th. Apple boss Tim Cook presented with the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max three new models, which rely increasingly on new and improved cameras. The launch of the new iPhone 11 series is expected for September 20, 2019.

Google's competition with Android 10 is also nearing the release of the next major operating system update. Apple users will only have to wait a few days before they can use all the innovations of the iOS update on their iPhones.

These innovations bring iOS 13 to the iPhone

iOS 13 brings numerous innovations to the iPhone, which are likely to be huge benefits for users compared to iOS 12. Among the key innovations in iOS 13 include:

Dark fashion

  • The Dark Mode changes the appearance of the entire iOS operating system and darkens, for example, menus, apps, the keyboard and many other elements of the operating system. This not only has the advantage that working in dark surroundings is more comfortable for the eyes, as the screen of the iPhone is less dazzled by the lack of bright colors. Rather, the dark mode has the advantage that users of an iPhone with OLED panel (for example, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max) can look forward to a longer battery life of their devices. The dark mode could have a positive effect on the battery life with these models, since the pixels for black and dark displays in an OLED screen do not need to be illuminated and therefore consume no power.
  • Practical: The Dark Mode can be switched on or off manually via the control center or it can be adjusted automatically. Then the dark mode turns on or off automatically at a certain time. Users do not have to search for a long time in the settings of the iPhone.

Increase the iPhone performance

  • With the update to iOS 13, unlocking via Face-ID should work even better than before, unlocking the smartphone 30 percent faster in the future.
  • Apps can be started twice faster on iOS 13 than on iOS 12 so far. For the user, this means that it works much faster on the iPhone after the update than on iOS 12.
  • The increase in performance is an interesting and important innovation especially for users of older iPhones. If the iPhone is currently overwhelmed with large apps and has, for example, long load times, this could change with the update to iOS 13 for the better.

“Swipe” – text input via wiping function

  • So far you type on the iPhone every word letter by letter – unless you have installed a third-party keyboard. This has an end with iOS 13 now. For Android users, the function “Swipe” has been known for many years, but Apple is catching up with the upcoming update here now. In the future words will no longer have to be typed letter by letter, much more will be wiped over the keyboard and the necessary letters will be linked to the desired word – swipe. This has the advantage for the user that text messages in WhatsApp, status messages at Facebook or you can enter simple personal notes much faster than before. If you do not want to use the swipe feature, you do not have to do it and you can still use the Apple keyboard.

iOS 13 upgrades carplay

  • Also Carplay, the connection between car and iPhone, receives in the new iOS version a general overhaul. Carplay makes the use of the iPhone in connection with the car easy and uncomplicated possible. For example, the music on the iPhone can be played via Carplay via the car's sound system. The carplay dashboard is being redesigned, including a larger route view, allowing users to view information from other apps without the need to switch apps. If required, Carplay under iOS 13, each app can still be displayed in full screen mode.

Apple's health app will be further expanded

  • The focus of the Heath App is to be further enhanced under iOS 13, especially under the new WatchOS version, ie the operating system of the Apple Watch. The features presented as part of the keynote will be featured on the iOS-13 health app on the iPhone.
  • Apple is also introducing new health trends in the app. These give above or below directed arrow symbols information about the course of the last sporting activities of the benefit. Furthermore, there will be an app called Cycle Tracking on iOS 13, which documents the menstrual cycle in a discrete manner.

New reminder app

  • Apple introduces a completely new reminder app with iOS 13. In the future, there will be a main screen with four standard sections arranged in a grid. These four standard sections are divided into the areas “Tasks that need to be done today”, “All Tasks”, “Scheduled Tasks” and “Tasks Highlighted”. Each of these sections has its own color-coded page. Users can also add more items here and personalize the app to their liking.

Extensions for iMessages

  • The messaging app iMessages also gets a major upgrade with iOS 13, which allows the user to choose a name and a different image and thus choose who can see which information.
  • In addition, the Memojis get a big update: users can create their own digital version of themselves with numerous details and then use them in chats.

Update Apple's Map App

  • Apple Maps could be an attractive alternative to iOS 13 again Google Maps will be. Apple users who were previously unable to do much with the map app should give it a chance after the update. For after the update to iOS 13, the app will have many new features and much more comprehensive than before. For the measurement of the maps according to Apple already appropriate cars drove approximately four million miles. The new maps should be much more detailed and accurate than before.
  • The entire US should be equipped by the end of 2019 with a more detailed map app, other countries – including hopefully Germany – should then follow in the next year.
  • The new map app also brings the feature “lookaround” with it. This allows users to experience the exploration of new places and cities much more interactive and visually appealing. With a simple tip on the display, users can virtually walk through a street and take a look around.

Adaptation of data protection

  • As in many other apps, Apple places great emphasis on privacy and privacy in the new map app, for example. The user can now allow third-party apps to access their location only once. So far, users can only set access to the GPS data to “always” or “using the app”. Apple offers the Updatet here so another option.
  • In addition, users will be warned in future background tracking attempts, which protects Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Which iPhones get iOS 13?

If you want to use iOS 13, you do not necessarily need the latest and most expensive iPhone. The update is offered to users up to the iPhone 6s from 2015, which is currently available for a price of 300 euros. This means that users of the now four-year-old iPhone will stay up-to-date with the latest software and will not have to buy a new iPhone. Users, however, who use an older iPhone than the iPhone 6s, the update on iOS 13, however, is denied. You either have to retrofit and buy a newer Apple smartphone, or completely dispense with the new features in iOS 13 and continue to work, chat and telephone via iOS 12. Which iPhones still receive the upcoming update here in overview.

iOS 13 for download from September 19, 2019 – which iPhones will get iOS 13?

iPhone model Publishing year
1. iPhone 6s 2015
Second iPhone 6S Plus 2015
Third iPhone SE 2016
4th iPhone 7 2016
5th iPhone 7 Plus 2016
6th iPhone 8 2017
7th iPhone 8 Plus 2017
8th. iPhone X 2017
9th iPhone XR 2018
10th iPhone XS 2018
11th iPhone XS Max 2018

Apple already releases second beta for iOS 13.1

Apple has already released the second public beta for iOS13.1, the revised version of iOS 13, before the release of iOS 13. A beta is a pre-release version of an operating system, here respectively the pre-release version of iOS 13.1, where the developers are still working. However, this has never happened in this form at Apple, so far iOS betas have always been released only after the release of the respective main version. The current handling of the betas suggests that the release of iOS 13.1 could possibly occur shortly after the release of iOS 13, ie shortly after September 19th.

How do I install iOS 13 on my iPhone?

From September 19, 2019, the iOS update is ready. If users have set the “Automatic Updates” option, the iPhone loads the update in the background and logs in as soon as it is ready for installation. If “Automatic Updates” is not set, users will need to manually trigger the update to iOS 13. This can be done under “Settings” – “General” – “Software Update”. Here then only the individual instructions and steps must be followed.

Conclusion to the innovations in iOS 13

Apple extends with the upcoming update to iOS 13 many important innovations that have been missing in the Apple Cosmos on the iPhone, and goes with the upcoming release a little way to the wishes of customers. Although the innovations are not to be called innovations, since many functions already exist on Android smartphones for years and work (for example, Swipe), but brings iOS 13 features that have been missing in the iPhone so far.

These are the most important changes of iOS 13 in the overview

Innovation in iOS 13 (from iPhone 6s)
1. Dark fashion
Second Increase in performance
Third Swipe – text input via wiping function
4th Upgrading Apple Carplay
5th Appreciation of Apple Health
6th New reminder app
7th Extensions for iMessages
8th. Update the map app
9th Adaptation of data protection

More: Apple has presented at the Keynote 2019 next to the new iPhone models and the wider range of products with numerous innovations.

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