iOS: Apple Store receives a new design and more support options


The iPhone manufacturer Apple has released another update for the official Apple Store app. The update has version number 5.3 and is now available for download. In addition to a new design, additional support options have been integrated into the app.

Now there is the possibility of recovering all the bills directly from the app. The changelog (via Caschy's blog) also states that the user can modify the delivery address of his account and can cancel the orders already made. Previously, it was necessary to call the Apple website for these changes.Updating the App Store 5.3

Print the return label with the app

The return devices have also been simplified. The app now has a return section where the form can be completed. Furthermore, the status of the return can be traced here.

Furthermore, the session card has been improved. Thanks to the new design, the page now looks much more modern and based on the App Store. To download the update, iOS 11.0 or later must be running on the device. The Apple Store app is a so-called universal app that can be installed on iPhone and iPad.

The basic functionality of the Apple Store app is to be able to buy all Apple products from their smartphones. Based on previous purchases, we recommend the additional hardware for the user. The app alerts you if the accessory products are not compatible with your hardware. If an Apple store is located near the user, the corresponding location is displayed in the app.

Apple, Campus, Headquarters, Spaceship, Apple Campus 2
Apple, Campus, Headquarters, Spaceship, Apple Campus 2

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