IOTA Announces New Updates Ahead of Chrysalis Phase 2

Other to update disclosed by the IOTA development team has revealed news of several existing projects being implemented, as well as many other notable projects in the works.

IOTA 1.5 (also known as Chrysalis) is the middle stage of the mainnet. The components of Chrysalis Phase 1 were deployed to the main network in August. The engineering team is now working on Chrysalis Phase 2.

Regarding Chrysalis Phase 2, while the Hornet team has made significant progress in implementing the necessary changes to the node software, the biggest missing piece is the PoW tuned for binary messages.

An expected release was the pre-alpha version of IOTA Smart Contracts, which was released earlier this month. The team is reportedly working to increase their smart contract efforts with Wasp alpha and Wasp beta below.

It should also be noted that the first version of the wallet has been reduced to the functionality of the main wallet, initially focusing only on the desktop. This decision was made to ensure that nothing is rushed and that the base layer is as solid as possible for expansion, a decision that is expected to pay dividends in the future.

IOTA sequences An open source DLT framework for decentralized data transmission and encryption on embedded systems was also released on October 15. IOTA Streams is designed to complement other IOTA Layer 2 frameworks such as Access to IOTA.

While there have been a lot of tech developments and updates and partnerships for IOTA, its price appears to have stabilized on the charts since August 2018, with the crypto price at a level that was a far cry from its ATH of $ 5.69 at end. 2017.

This price increase in 2017 was believed to have been driven by reports of an apparent partnership with Microsoft, an increase that saw IOTA’s price increase by 500%. When it became clear that Microsoft was not in fact a partner but a participant in their company, the price dropped again.

While the development and promise around IOTA should normally lead to bullish sentiment around the cryptocurrency, driving up the price, the fact that this has not happened points to the nature of the cryptocurrency market.

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