Iowa marks a vital victory in a tension-fueled deal with Iowa … – The Athletic


IOWA CITY, Iowa – Hidden in the middle of America with a corn company that sponsors the annual Iowa-Iowa State feud, this rivalry is as intense as its high profile brothers, only without the standards of the championship.

Thursday night, representing two of the nation's best leagues, the teams clashed against Carver-Hawkeye Arena and number 18 Hawkeyes burned the cyclones, 98-84. Iowa scored 58.1 percent, linked on 9 of 18 attempts in 3 points and outbound of Iowa State, 44-24.

It was a convincing victory for Iowa, and the result echoes throughout the state every year, almost as long as its football counterpart. This year, however, it was not just the final score. The teams have added some spices to their annual sizzle.

Twice officials and coaches had to separate the players in scuffles – once in the first half, the other at the end of the game. The players and coaches of Iowa left the floor without shaking hands with the Cyclones, pushing …



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