Strategy Analytics is releasing new data covering the tablet industry in 2019 today. The report focuses specifically on the “global market for tablet application processors”, which means the split is among chip makers such as Apple, MediaTek, Qualcomm and Intel in terms of revenue. .

In particular, this report provides interesting data for the iPad because Apple manufactures the processors used in each model of iPad. Apple’s A-series processors have become incredibly powerful over the years, and this data from Strategy Analytics underscores how critical these processors have become to the iPad’s business.

According to the data, Apple dominated with a 44% share of revenue from the tablet application processor. In other words, Apple accounted for 44% of the turnover generated by suppliers of tablet processors in 2019, up year on year.

After Apple, the other main players in the market are Qualcomm and Intel, which both account for 16% of sales. A combination of other companies under “Others” accounted for the remaining 24% of sales, including Samsung and MediaTek.

The report explains:

Strategy Analytics reports that Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, MediaTek and Samsung LSI were the top five revenue sharing spots in the global tablet application processor (AP) market in 2019. Apple gained market share and extended its leading position on the AP tablet market with 44% revenue share in 2019, followed by Qualcomm and Intel, each with 16% of revenue.

In total, Strategy Analytics estimates that the global market for application processors grew 2% year over year to reach $ 1.9 billion in 2019.

Apple does not report unit sales for any of its products, so it’s impossible to know how many iPad units it sold in 2019. However, this data from Strategy Analytics provides an interesting insight into how Apple processors of the A series have become thanks to the continued growth of the iPad itself.

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