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According to reports,Apple will launch an iPad Pro with an OLED screen next year,This is the first time that Apple has used OLED materials on the iPad Pro product line.Replacing the mini-LED panels currently used.

Analysts pointed out that Apple chose OLED because OLED screens have advantages that mini-LEDs do not have.

in particular,Each pixel of OLED can emit light or not emit light independently, and when the pixel does not emit light, it can display true black.Therefore, the black control effect of OLED is excellent, because the black control effect is good, and the scene display in dark places is clear enough and more realistic.

Of course, OLED is not perfect, and it has a big problem—the screen is easy to get hot, and when a static image is displayed on the screen for a long time, it will leave marks on the screen.

In order to solve the problem of overheating of the screen, the iPad Pro 2024 adopts a new series stacked OLED technology,It has two emission layers. Compared with single-layer OLED panels, the screen brightness of the double-layer structure panel can be increased by 2 times, and the service life can be extended by 4 times.

Moreover, the double-layer serial OLED display screen can reduce power consumption by about 30%, which means that the device can be equipped with a battery with a smaller capacity, and the thickness of the body can also become thinner.

In addition, it was revealed that the iPad Pro 2024 also supports ProMotion, which can intelligently adjust the refresh rate according to the usage scenario.


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