iPad Pro: iOS 12.1.3 Enhance support for USB-C hubs


Since I received an iPad Pro from 2018, about a month ago, I tried using it with a USB-C hub. I wanted to at least connect the tablet to a keyboard, add a jack to my headphones and charge the iPad. I ordered a hub randomly on Amazon, since USB-C should be universal, but I quickly noticed problems on a daily basis.

My workstation dedicated to the iPad Pro, here with one of the USB-C hubs connected to the tablet.

The tested hubs posed two problems with the iPad Pro. The first was visible: the tablet sometimes restarted, especially when it was on standby. Typically, I left the hub connected at night and the next morning I realized it had been restarted. Sometimes a shorter break, like lunch, could be enough to trigger a reboot.

More problematic because it was less easy to detect, the Internet connection was regularly "lost". The tablet was still connected to Wi-Fi and even 4G on my cell phone model, but I was no longer able to access the Internet. The only solution was to unplug the hub and then reconnect it.

At the beginning I thought that the specific models I purchased were not good and I started testing others. Two, then three, then … At the moment I have eight different ones, including the Apple VGA multiport that is horribly expensive (79 €), but it is the official solution of the producer.

Eight different USB-C hubs and always the same defects.

I multiplied the tests, thinking that the hubs were involved, but I still had the same problems. Even with the Apple product, I lost the internet connection from time to time on the iPad Pro. At this point, I did some research and it did not take me long to find out that my case was anything but isolated. In fact, hundreds of users complain about the same problem, not just with USB-C hubs. The loss of Internet connection, in particular, is a common problem that also affects the USB-C adapter to Apple mini-jack.

Faced with such a wave of problems, I thought that probably Apple was already aware and was working on a solution. Before continuing, I installed the beta version of iOS 12.1.3 which is currently available for developers and public beta testers. And it was a good idea, since all my problems seem to have settled since then!

From the moment of installation, I have never lost my Internet connection or the unexpected restart of my tablet. Previously, it was a problem that I had to face several times a day. I have tested the eight different hubs and they all seem to behave just as well. Sometimes they have other faults, I'll come back to that in a next article that will be used as a comparison, but in terms of reliability, they are first all on the same level.

Good news then, knowing that if you're worried, you can install the beta today by registering on this site.



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