It may seem a lie but, when Apple has not yet presented the iPhone 12 in its various variants, There are already those who have launched to offer personalized versions of the Apple smartphone. And of course, among them could not miss the one who, with the permission of that tacky sample of good taste covered in gold made by the relatives of Pablo Escobar, he is one of the designers capable of generating the most mixed reactions with his exclusive creations. I speak, of course, of Caviar.

In case you don’t have it too located, I remind you that we are talking about a Russian manufacturer (yes, we already know that the Russian concept of luxury can sometimes be a bit dazzling) that three years ago, with the launch of the iPhone X he surprised us with this jewel. And the jewel is literal, since on its back it had a whopping 344 diamonds and 14 rubies. Of course, the price matched the brightness level of the smartphone, since its sale price was 34,200 euros. The good news, yes, is that shipping costs were included.

On this occasion, however, Caviar abandons gold, diamonds and you shine-shine, and surprises us with a limited edition of iPhone 12 dedicated to the legendary Apple 1. Yes, you have read a hundred, an iPhone 12 that, as you can see in the photos, points directly to the principles of Apple and the brilliant design of Steve Wozniak, with which the image of one of the most important brands in the world began to be forged. history of this sector.

We are talking, of course, of a luxury product, so Custom iPhone 12s will be based on Pro and Pro Max models, and there will only be nine units of each of them. For the design, of course, we have chosen wood, which is accompanied by a glossy titanium screen and what pretends to be a replica of a fragment of the original Apple 1 plate. For its part, the letters that make up the word “Computer” are also, as you may have imagined, made of titanium.

And now is when I have to admit that, perhaps it is due to the comparison with previous models, but the design of this iPhone 12 does not displease me. And, unlike those we have already seen in previous years, in this case we do have a design with a message, which has something that goes beyond the fortune that its owner has to buy that phone. I’m not saying it is something that I would buy (if I could afford it, of course), but I think an iPhone 12 that pays tribute to Apple 1 would be much more pleasing to the eye than another in which they have limited themselves to putting all the diamonds that fit at its rear.

If you also liked it and are thinking about it, what you should know is that it is only available for quite full pockets, since the price of the iPhone 12 Pro is $ 9,990, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max goes up to $ 10,460. Of course, and as was the case with the diamond one, shipping costs are included, not everything was going to be bad news.

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