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Apple has recently launched the iPhone 13 series. Two models of the Pro version are equipped with a three-lens main camera. Although the pixels of the three lenses are maintained at 12 million pixels, the photosensitive elements have also been updated, so the camera module has become quite large. . Recently, a Chinese whistleblower disclosed the photosensitive element models of the three lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, all of which use Sony’s photosensitive elements.

According to Weibo users “Rhodes“The news broke that the standard lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max uses an IMX703 sensor, which has a 1.9μm pixel size and a 26mm equivalent focal length; while the previous generation iPhone 12 Pro Max uses an IMX603 sensor, which has a 1.7μm pixel size and 26mm equivalent. focal length. In the ultra-wide-angle lens part, the iPhone 13 Pro Max uses IMX772 sensor, which is different from the previous generation IMX372; but both the front and rear generations support 1μm pixel size and 13mm equivalent focal length.

In the telephoto lens part, iPhone 13 Pro Max uses IMX713 sensor, which supports 1μm pixel size and 77mm equivalent focal length; the previous generation iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with IMX613 sensor, supports 1μm pixel size and 65mm equivalent focal length.

In addition, the two generations of ToF (LiDAR) cameras all use Sony IMX590 photosensitive elements; while the front Selfie cameras all use IMX514 photosensitive elements, which have not been updated.

As for the iPhone 13 Pro Max after adding new photosensitive elements, will the image quality be significantly different from the previous generation? We will also have a photo comparison article between the two models in the future, please wait and see.

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Reference source: GSMArena


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