‘iPhone 14 gets a completely different design’

Which say Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who often has information about unannounced Apple products. According to Gurman, next year’s iPhone 14s will not only get a ‘completely redesigned’, but there will also be new models in the iPhone line. “The small changes in the iPhone 13 allow Apple engineers to work behind the scenes on bigger things that take more time,” Gurman writes.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously said that Apple will drop the notch at the top of the screen in 2022, starting with the iPhone 14 Pro. Kuo expects the new iPhones to have a ‘punch hole’ design, where the selfie camera is incorporated into a hole in the screen. Many Android phones have had such a camera hole in the screen for years.

No more Mini

Apple is also rumored to be waiving a Mini version of the iPhone 14. The Mini variant was the iPhone 12’s worst selling model. Instead, Apple would come up with a new Max-model.

Touch ID back?

The question is whether the iPhone 14 will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen. It is still uncertain whether Apple will have this ready in time for the new iPhones that should be on the market in the fall of 2022. According to Kuo, the Touch ID sensor under the screen may not be added until the 2023 iPhones. Many Android smartphones already have such a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

Foldable iPhone

Both Gurman and Kuo expect Apple to release the first iPhone with a foldable screen in 2024. Competitor Samsung has been making such for some time now folding phones.

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