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The analysis of transaction data iPhone has contributed to a British court condemning a pharmacist for the murder of his wife. At the trial, it was revealed that data relating to the activities recorded in the Apple Health app could invalidate the alibi of the perpetrator of having found his wife dead on his return home.

The movements recorded automatically by the iPhone claimed that after the murder in the living room, the pharmacist went upstairs to simulate the traces of a theft, as The Telegraph reported. The victim's iPhone after the moment of death still recorded exactly fourteen steps, they say – the offender had taken it when he left the house as part of the alleged intrusion into the front yard, where he finally assured.

The police were able to analyze both the victim's iPhone and the offender in this case. It is not clear whether prosecutors had to break the iPhone to gain access to health data. In addition to activities such as steps, iPhone uses a barometer to record height differences, such as floor changing.

This extensive use of activity data, which is automatically recorded by the sensors on the iPhone, is likely to be a legal novelty in the UK, notes the newspaper.

From other countries, there are already some reports of a similar recourse to data collected by smartwatch sensors and smartphones: In Australia, the measurement of the wrist of an Apple Watch according to media reports, the police in determining the time of death. In the process of the sexual murder of a student in Freiburg at the beginning of the year mobile phone data were also used, but apparently the encrypted data on the iPhone were violated by a company of private security.




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