iPhone Can Be A Magnifying Glass, Here’s How

KOMPAS.comiPhone has a number of features that make it easier for users to carry out various activities. However, not infrequently people do not know the features in the iPhone, for example, such as features magnifying glass or magnifier.

With features magnifier, your iPhone can transform like the identical magnifying glass used by a detective. This feature utilizes the iPhone camera to be able to enlarge the view of certain objects.

Feature magnifier can allow your iPhone’s camera to be used to view small objects, such as small text in a note. Not only that, you can also see objects that have a faint texture, such as strokes in certain objects.

Curious about magnifier feature on iPhone? Here’s how to activate the feature magnifier to turn your iPhone into a magnifying camera.

  • Click the gear icon to access the Settings menu
  • Then, scroll down, click on the “Accessibility” option
  • After that, click on the “Accessibility Shortcut” option
  • Scroll down, then click the “Magnifier” or “Magnifier”.
KOMPAS.com/Zulfikar Illustration of how to activate the iPhone magnifier feature

After selecting that option, your iPhone can now function as a magnifying glass.

This magnifying glass feature can be accessed by clicking the side or power button three times for Face ID series iPhones. Alternatively, triple-click the home button for the Touch ID series iPhone.

When you click the button three times, the iPhone camera will open automatically. However, the camera view is not like in the Camera app. The camera of the magnifying glass feature has a look of its own.

In the camera in the magnifier feature, there is a menu bar for zoom in/zoom out settings, adjust brightness, color contrast, color filters, and so on. With these settings, you can find small objects easily.

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To use the features magnifier, you can try pointing the camera to highlight a specific object. Then, you can provide color filter or color contrast settings by clicking on the icon located in the menu bar of the magnifying camera feature.

Illustration of how to use iPhone magnifier featureKOMPAS.com/Zulfikar Illustration of how to use iPhone magnifier feature


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