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Touch ID should provide more peace of mind and security when using your iPhone, but as a pair of recently banned apps show, scammers can use that desire for security against you. Here's what you need to know about the latest iPhone app scam to plague users in 2018.

First sighted on Reddit, the trick appeared in a couple of fitness apps – "Calories Tracker app" and "Fitness Balance app" – which were both extracted by Apple after trying to steal an in-app payment of $ 119.99 from users.

Both apps used the same method: they would ask you to protect your data by taking the fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor. Once you have placed your finger, the app will show a payment pop-up that iOS will quickly display as accepted because you were already browsing it with your fingerprint. Very sneaky.

A user claimed to have contacted the creator of the app directly highlighting how dishonest the technique was. "They have an automatic reply with "I'm aware of this problem, I'm working hard to solve it." Wait for v1.1, everything will be resolved in that version. & # 39; "

It is not surprising that such tactics are expressly prohibited in Guidelines for Apple developers. Apps that "prey on users or attempt to snatch customers, deceive them by making unwanted purchases, force them to share unnecessary data, increase prices deceptively, charge features or content that are not delivered, or engage in other manipulative practices inside or outside the app "are strictly prohibited.

Perhaps worrisome, before it was extracted from the App Store, the "Fitness Balance" app had an average score of 4.3. It is unclear how many of these were fake to give the app the start of drifting unsuspecting users, but Reddit users noticed a pattern between the reviews while it was live: "On the American App Store, all reviews (except 1) are 5 stars and by a user whose name consists of a name, a space, a surname, then a 2-digit number with no space separating the name and number, "noted one. "I know about fake reviews."

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