iPhone: Free up storage space with lightning speed


If you have an iPhone longer in use, the memory goes away faster than you can be. Since iOS 10.3, the system is a bit more frugal, especially with older models with 16 gigabytes of data storage is still jam-packed. And you can not install new apps or take pictures. Meanwhile, iOS helps to clean up, but with a little trick it is especially fast on older models.

Most of the memory goes to the majority of users for media such as music, movies and photos on it. So if you want to make room, usually throw a movie or a few photos of the iPhone. This is annoying, but you also want to keep much on the device. Many of them do not even mention one of the biggest storage eaters: Apps that display online content also use their data to litter the precious memory – without having any of it. After all, you look at most articles anyway only once. Good that there is a way to erase the unnecessary data.

This will free up the memory

Many apps like Whatsapp offer a cleanup function in the settings. Others like Instagram just keep the memory fuller. A simple but impractical solution: Deleting the apps and reinstalling them is space. More simple battery tricks can be found here.

Sometimes you just want to free up memory fast. Then you can just outsmart Apple's system a bit. If you want to stream a movie from iTunes, but it does not have enough space, the system in the background can shovel off memory as if by magic. And you can take advantage of that.

Error loading the smartphone

To do this, you simply open a rental movie in iTunes. Ideally, an HD movie that consumes as much space as possible – such as the 8.15 gigabyte “Titanic”. Important: In order to avoid costs, in the settings under “App Store” the setting should be active, to have to enter a password for each purchase. Now you type in the movie on “borrow” and then on “HD movie borrow”. Then the password prompt appears – and that should simply be closed again with “Cancel”. The system has shoveled the space for the film long ago in the background, or at least part of it.

A few hundred megabytes are loose in most users. Unfortunately, this trick does not work for everyone. Anyone who barely surfs the net and has filled the entire store with pictures will hardly be able to make room. News junkies and Vielsurfer but more so.


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