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Apple presented this week its new iPhone 12, which has been liked by many for its design with touches of previous models and the best in the system, however, it has also received comments and criticism for not including the charger and the batteries in the phone case. headphones.

This is a measure that is taken now with all the iPhones of the new range for sale: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Therefore, a debate has emerged between those who find this reasonable and those who do not.

According to the brand, its intention is to reduce pollution and waste, since there are “more than 2 billion chargers”, not counting third-party adapters. Similarly, he indicated that there are 700 million Earpods with a lightning connector (with cable).

This suggests that this is why they no longer want to include these parts with the iPhone to reduce carbon emissions and mining.

In addition, the boxes become lighter without these elements, as well as smaller. The latter means that up to 70% more boxes are stored on a pallet, according to the Xakata technology site, and this in turn produces less contamination.

Apple has reported that these changes have saved 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions this year. Something similar to the fact that 450,000 cars on the streets stop circulating. It has also asked other brands to do the same.

For some experts and companies, electronic waste is a problem for the planet and actions like this can help. However, they are also qThose who see Apple as a typical strategy for the company to sell more accessories: create a problem and then sell the solution.

It was already seen when the headphone port was removed and the AirPods were removed, or when the chargers were improved, but the fast-charging one is sold separately. What happened to the environment at that time?

Another contentious point is that everyone needs to charge their phone and assuming that people already have the charger is risky, to say the least. Even depending on the city or location, it is difficult to find a USB port to connect the lightning cable directly, and it is usually a slower charge. Worse now that the iPhone 12 comes with a USB-C cable.

What Apple does not mention is that it also reduces costs with all these movements.

In the end, the opinion on the decision can have several views.

The main sector of the company

The iPhone models presented last Tuesday will be launched at different times. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be available from October 23, while the Mini and Pro Max until November 13.

That shortens the time Apple has to generate a furor heading into the holiday season.

The updates to the new iPhone models represent “incremental improvements” over their predecessors, said Patrick Moorhead, a technology analyst, referring to the 5G capabilities and camera improvements in the Pro model. But he noted that if operators build their 5G networks fast enough, they could cause a “super cycle” in which large numbers of people would buy 5G phones.

The economic difficulties caused by the pandemic and the consequent loss of jobs could temper that purchase impulse, said mobile expert Carolina Milanesi from Creative Strategies.

While other parts of Apple’s business are growing at a faster rate, the iPhone remains the most important part of a tech giant that is currently worth around $ 2 trillion, nearly double the number when stay-at-home orders were imposed in The United States in mid-March that plunged the economy into a deep recession.

The pandemic temporarily paralyzed Apple’s key factories and suppliers abroad, delaying the launch of its newest models from their usual rollout in late September. The company also closed its stores in the United States for months because of the pandemic, preventing Apple from displaying its products. (I)

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