iPhone XS definitely cheaper in Russia


In early January, Apple increased the price of all its products: the reason was an increase in the tax rate from 18 to 20%. And without it, the company's economic flagships have started to cost even more – in any case, in the official Apple online store. The only good news is that the price increase has not affected third-party retailers. Instead, you can now buy new items at an appropriate price.

For example, the top model was taken for the iPhone XS. The comparison was conducted in national online stores using Yandex.Market. As the market analysis showed, this smartphone with a 64 GB drive is now can be bought on average for 67-69 thousand rubles. At the same time, the minimum price was 65 thousand rubles.

The novelty is becoming cheaper at a rapid pace: in just six months the cost of a smartphone has dropped by almost 30%. This is a kind of anti-record for Apple. Apparently, the demand for the company's flagship models has been lower than expected, forcing stores to massively reduce prices.

Of course, we are talking about "gray" deliveries. As is known, products imported into the country bypassing official supply channels, in most cases, are not subject to warranty service. Furthermore, smartphones do not undergo the mandatory certification procedure, although they have no restrictions on the networks of Russian telecommunications operators.

However, if you prefer to buy smartphones only in the official sale, in this case you will have to give up a more impressive amount of money. Buy a certified XS iPhone 64GB now can be an average of 72-78 thousand rubles. A great advantage is that in this way it is possible to obtain an additional year of guarantee, based on the law of consumer rights. But it depends on you anyway.

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