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iPhones will soon recognize faces with protective masks – multimedia

Owners of an iPhone are not recognized by their phones with protective masks. However, removing the masks each time you unlock the phone will reduce their protection. Apple now wants to counteract this.

Wearing protective masks is becoming more and more common in the times of Corona. However, as many cell phone users have found, it is difficult to unlock the device with face recognition when wearing such a mask. Often these have to be removed before the phone recognizes the user’s face. However, this greatly reduces the effectiveness of the masks.

Apple now wants to take action against this. In the latest beta update for iOS 13.5, developers found codes, according to CNN, that indicate that iPhones should react to hygiene masks in the future. For example, the smartphone should automatically display the passcode screen when it detects that the user is wearing a mask. Previously, the device continued to search for a face.

What is Face ID?

Using face recognition or face ID, as it is called at Apple, smartphones can be unlocked quickly and without touching them. This is usually activated when a phone is brought out of standby mode or lifted from the horizontal position. The phone then scans the user’s face, and if the stored data matches, the phone is unlocked.

Unlock much faster

As soon as the iPhone detects that the user is wearing a mask, the option to manually enter a code is unlocked to unlock the phone. The user then only has to swipe their finger upwards on the display and the input fields are displayed.

While this still doesn’t unlock the phone using Face ID, it does make the unlocking process much faster. It is not yet clear when the new update will be available to all users. But it can probably be expected in the next few weeks.

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