Iqlima Kim Changes Confession About Hotman Paris and Reveals Reasons to Remove Power from Razman Nasution Page all

JAKARTA, – Some time ago, celebrities Iqlima Kim admitting to being a victim of sexual harassment while serving as a personal assistant Hotman Paris.

At that time, he was accompanied Razman Arif Nasution as a legal representative to resolve this issue.

In an interview, Razman claimed that Iqlima Kim had reported Hotman Paris on suspicion of sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Hotman Paris reported Iqlima Kim and Razman Nasution to the police on suspicion of defamation.

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It is known, Razman Nasution and Hotman Paris had clashed because of a problem.

Recently, Iqlima Kim fired Razman Nasution as a lawmaker and replaced him with Abdul Fakhridz Al Donggowi.

No police report

At a press conference in the Senopati area, South Jakarta, Friday (24/6/2022), Abdul denied the police report made by his client regarding the sexual harassment case with the reported Hotman Paris.

“In the early stages, there was a legal consultation submitted by the old attorney. But, to this day, no reports have been received,” said Abdul.

Abdul said, Iqlima Kim and Razman at that time only wrote to the police.

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“The first issue is that there is sexual harassment, we don’t see that there is. That problem is that we don’t proceed with legal procedures,” said Abdul.

Iqlima Kim then explained why he used to struggle as a victim of alleged sexual harassment.

“It’s not a baseball, it’s just a conclusion. In short, I’m a layman in legal matters. So from that, we came to consult with experts. According to experts, yes (there is no criminal element),” said Iqlima Kim.

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The reason for Razman’s dismissal

Abdul explained that his client with Razman had the status of a reported case of defamation reported by Hotman Paris at the National Police Headquarters.

Therefore, the revocation of this power of attorney is one step so that both of them can focus on their respective problems

“So, to be both more focused and not to think about being attacked here and there, to be calmer, more focused. It would be better. The consideration is indeed a matter of convenience,” said Abdul.

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When asked whether the revocation of power was due to Razman Nasution being too vocal in mocking Hotman Paris, Abdul did not deny it.

“Yes, that’s one of them. But that’s the logical reason. But you have to focus,” said Abdul.


Iqlima Kim admitted to getting two summonses from Razman after revoking his power as a legal authority.

Iqlima Kim’s revocation of power against Razman was decided on 16 June 2022.

“On the same date, the summons came to Iqlima Kim. It has not been answered yet, on the 20th came the second summons from the old legal team,” said Abdul.

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Abdul then revealed the contents of the summons that Razman Nasution sent to his client.

“Essentially, the subpoena is a form of objection to the so-called unilateral revocation,” said Abdul.

Abdul confirmed that Iqlima Kim had given an official answer to the summons.

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