Iran Castillo baptizes her son Demián and shares the photos of the intimate ceremony

And it is that the 46-year-old artist has documented the growth of little Demián on her digital platforms: since he got his first tooth even the most challenging moments of her renewed motherhood.

Now, the famous mom shared the photos of her second son’s christening.

Iran Castillo baptized her son and shared the photos

“It was the baby’s baptism,” she wrote at the bottom of 7 images of her and her family in church.

Irán Castillo shared photos of the baptism of his son Demián

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

Below the images, he also detailed that his family was present at the ceremony and thanked them for “their presence and their love.”

In one of the portraits, the actress and the father of her son, Pepe Ramos, could be seen at some outdoor tables, possibly a restaurant or celebration after the religious rite.

Irán Castillo shared photos of the baptism of his son Demián

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

Irán Castillo avoided giving details of when his son’s baptism was or why they decided to celebrate it more than a year after his birth.

The interpreter’s fans filled the comments section of the publication with congratulations and good wishes, with messages such as:

“What a beautiful moment”, “May everything that happens around you be joy”, “A thousand blessings for that beautiful family”, “The best vibe for you and your family always”, among others.

In the same way, some followers of noticed the great resemblance between Irán Castillo and her baby:

“Identical to his mommy”, “He has your little eyes”, “Just like his mommy”.

Irán Castillo shared photos of the baptism of his son Demián

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

This is how the son of Irán Castillo has grown

The ‘Soñadoras’ actress became a mother for the second time in February 2022. At that time, she was 45 years old, although she got pregnant at 44. Demián is the product of their relationship with Pepe Ramos, a life ‘coach’ .

On social networks, she has documented all the stages of her renewed motherhood: from her sweet wait to the baptism of her son.

It was precisely through social networks that Iran Castillo announced the birth of her second child. This, with photos of her placenta and the delivery she had in her house.

iran castle

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

A fact that has attracted a lot of attention is that the interpreter joined other celebrities who chose to eat their own placenta. In her case, as she has assured, this organ became pills that she took in the morning, along with a ‘smoothie’.

In addition to being a mini star on social networks, Demián already accompanies his famous mother to the recording sets where she works.

Irán Castillo with her two children, Irka and Demián

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

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Iran Castillo and her partner Pepe Ramos became parents last February after a misdiagnosis at the beginning of the actress’s pregnancy caused them serious alerts.


Due to the age at which she became pregnant (45 years old), the artist had to undergo several tests to rule out any problems.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


This is how a first medical opinion of his gestation process showed that the creature “was bad”, because according to the specialist, the child had a trisomy, a genetic disorder in which the person has three copies of a chromosome instead of two. .

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The soap opera actress like La Mexicana and El Güero, which you can see on ViX+, was not satisfied and sought another opinion. To her surprise, she was contrary to the point that today she is the proud mother of Demián.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


Iran Castillo defied all odds and managed to become a mother for the second time in her life. She was already the mother of Irka Castillo (11 years old).

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


She experienced this pregnancy as she had never done before: she gave birth at home and even ate the placenta.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

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“That thing about eating the placenta goes back a long way, what happens is that this great information and knowledge was lost,” he shared in an interview with the Reforma newspaper this Saturday, December 3.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


“The placenta is an organ that nourishes the baby, gives it oxygen and food,” he said, according to the information he had access to.

Credit: iran castillo


“Imagine all the nutrients that this organ has, which, apart from that, is only made for that moment.”

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About the experience he had when ingesting it, he said that it is something that “ideally would be to save the placenta for your benefit.”

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


“Many times they crush the placenta, they make it into little capsules, I got about 150 capsules, and you can take them to regulate your hormones in the postpartum period, it also helps you lactate better,” she said.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


In her case, she preferred to use the capsules in a smoothie: “There are times when, just after giving birth, they cut a cotyledon (embryo of a plant), put it with red berries or bananas, you put it in a smoothie and you don’t even know it. I do I put it in a smoothie.”

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram

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According to an alert from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in 2017, which cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “eating your placenta after giving birth (placentophagy) can be harmful to both you and your baby.

Credit: Iran Castillo/Instagram


This is because the “preparations” in capsules or shakes “do not completely eliminate infectious bacteria and viruses that the placenta could contain”, transmitting diseases to babies.


Regarding the birth experience that Irán Castillo had at home, she mentioned that “it is something very personal.”

Credit: Pepe Ramos/Instagram

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“There are women who do not feel safe at home, and if they are going to be afraid, better not.”

Credit: Pepe Ramos/Instagram


“The beautiful thing about humanized childbirth is that the protagonist is the mother, the baby, the family, not the doctors,” she shared.

Credit: Pepe Ramos/Instagram

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