Iran Getting Closer to Capable of Making Nuclear Weapons

Iran will need more than a year to design a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on top of any of its 3,000 ballistic missiles. Photo/jsribune

WASHINGTON – Head of Central Command United States of America (USA), General Kenneth McKenzie said, Iran “very close” to being able to make nuclear weapons . He told Time Magazine just days before Vienna talks on the Iran nuclear deal would resume.

“They were really close this time. I think they liked the idea of ​​getting out,” McKenzie said as quoted from Sputnik, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Since April, Vienna has hosted talks aimed at preventing Iran nuclear deal 2015 failed completely. The sixth round of talks concluded on June 20 but negotiations have since been deadlocked.

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Talks will resume on November 29 after a months-long pause. The US will not take part in this round of negotiations at Iran’s request.

While US diplomats currently play a leading role in the negotiations, McKenzie said US Central Command has various plans that could be put into action if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.

McKenzie believes that Iran will need more than a year to design a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on top of any of the 3,000 the ballistic missile . The top US general added that Iran has yet to develop a reentry vehicle capable of passing the extremely high temperatures, pressures and vibrations when it falls from space back to Earth.

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“At the same time, Iran has been able to build high-precision missiles over the past few years,” McKenzie noted.

“The missiles hit within tens of meters of their target. One thing Iran has been doing for the last three to five years is they are building a very capable ballistic missile platform,” he concluded.



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