Iran responds to the Saudi-led coalition’s announcement of targeting a “secret facility” of the Revolutionary Guards in Yemen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, responded on Wednesday to the announcement of the coalition to “support legitimacy” in Yemen, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of targeting a secret facility of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Yemen.

The Iranian spokesman said, according to what was reported by the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency: “The claim that a secret headquarters of Revolutionary Guards experts in Sana’a was targeted by the coalition of aggression is baseless,” stressing that “the Islamic Republic of Iran has never had a military presence in Yemen to be targeted.” by the aggressors.”

Khatibzadeh continued, “Such false allegations are being made with the aim of diverting public opinion to the peoples of the region and the world from the crimes of the countries of aggression. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never had a military presence in Yemen to be targeted by the aggressors.”

In a statement, the coalition said: “We are taking operational measures to deal with the sources of hostile cross-border attacks.. Civilian airports and civilians are a red line, and we will strike firmly within the framework of international humanitarian law. We have carried out a wide operation for legitimate military targets in response to the ballistic and drone threat.”

And the coalition continued in its statement at the time: “The air strikes included targets in the governorates of Sanaa, Dhamar, Saada, and Al-Jawf.. We destroyed workshops and stores for ballistic missiles, drones, and communications systems.. We targeted a secret facility for experts of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Lebanese Hezbollah involved in hostile attacks.. The military operation is in accordance with international law.” humanity and its customary rules.


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