Iranian player joins protest supporters’ club

Another Iranian athlete, archer Parmida Ghasemi, has voiced her support for the country’s anti-government protests by removing her headscarf during an award ceremony in Tehran.

The gesture appeared in video clips on social media, which fueled unrest sparked in September by the death of the young Kurdish woman. whsa amini After being detained by the morality police for allegedly flouting the strict dress code that Iran imposes on women.

Reuters was unable to verify the authenticity of the videos.

The protests quickly turned into a popular uprising, with multiple groups joining them, including students, doctors, lawyers, workers and athletes.

Basij militias and other security forces have launched a fierce crackdown to counter the unrest, but protesters are holding out for an end to the hardline rule led by the supreme leader. Ali Khamenei.

shook her head

In the video, Qassemi appears letting her hijab fall while standing next to other female athletes on the podium, while people from the audience who did not appear in the clip applauded and chanted, “Well done.”

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The player next to her tried to replay hijab to her head but Kasumi turned her head away.

This is not the first time an Iranian athlete has expressed solidarity with the protests, one of the biggest challenges the country’s rulers have faced since the 1979 revolution.

Other videos allegedly showing Iranian water polo players not chanting their country’s national anthem while participating in a tournament in Thailand have surfaced on social media.

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beach soccer team

The official news agency quoted Iranian Deputy Sports Minister Maryam Kazemipour as saying on Wednesday that some Iranian female athletes behaved in violation of religious teachings and then quickly apologized for that.

And the account “1500 Filming” activist on “Twitter” reported that the players of the Iranian beach soccer team refused to sing the national anthem at the beginning of a match with the Emirates in Dubai.

He added that the players did not celebrate after beating Brazil and winning the championship.

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