Iran’s Supreme Leader on Hamas: "We are proud of them"

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Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, said Tuesday that he is proud of the Palestinian youth for the surprise attack against Israel and once again denied Iranian involvement in the hostilities.

“We kiss the foreheads and hands of the intelligent and skilled designers of this operation and the Palestinian youth, we are proud of them,” the leader said at a military graduation ceremony.

“But the enemy says that Iran is behind the operation and it is a lie”assured the highest Iranian authority, according to the official IRNA agency.

“Supporters of the Zionist regime and senior officials blame Iran for this. They are wrong. The Palestinians did this themselves,” he said at a televised graduation ceremony for cadets from the Armed Forces Officer Academies.

Tehran is one of the main allies of the Islamist movement Hamas, the main author of the attack, and leads the so-called Axis of Resistance against the Jewish State, its nemesis.

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