Irene Montero does not pay the €18,000 sentence for slandering María Sevilla’s ex and they ask for her seizure

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Irene Montero has not paid the 18,000 euros to which the Supreme Court sentenced him on June 8 for slandering Rafael Marcosformer partner of Maria Sevillepresident of Infancia Libre, and Marcos’ defense has requested the execution of the sentence and an investigation of his assets for a possible seizure.

After being notified of the conviction for falsely presenting Marcos as an abuser in a speech in May 2022 at an event at the Women’s Instituteand for spreading said speech on his social networks, Montero had 20 days to voluntarily pay the fine.

But that did not happen, nor was the video of the speech removed from the minister’s Twitter profile, a video that is still posted there today.

For this reason, in mid-July Marcos’ lawyer, Ruth Arroyo, sent a demand for execution of the sentence to the High Court, so that the court could request payment from Montero. Along with this demand, a request for an asset investigation was included, as is usually done, in the event that Montero fails to pay.

On Tuesday, September 12, the Court transferred Prosecutor’s Office y State Attorney of the execution demand and the asset investigation presented by Marcos’ defense, and this newspaper reported on it.

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