Irene Montero pays the €18,000 of her sentence for calling María Sevilla’s ex an abuser, but she will go to the Constitutional Court

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The Minister of Equality, Irene Monterohas recorded, as EL MUNDO has learned, the 18,000 euros to which she was sentenced for falsely presenting in May 2022 to Rafael Marcosformer partner of Maria Seville, as an abuser, and he did so a day after various media published his non-payment. At the same time, the State Attorney’s Office, which represents Montero in the lawsuit, has informed the court that her client will appeal for protection to the Constitutional Court to defend her innocence, according to legal sources.

The First Civil Chamber of the Supreme Courtwho convicted her, this Friday communicated to the parties the consignment by Montero of the fine to which she was sentenced, just one day after it was published that the defense of Marcos He had requested an investigation of his assets to proceed with their seizure.

Montero had not paid the fine in the 20 days of voluntary execution after his conviction last June, and Marcos’ lawyer, Ruth Arroyohad been forced to ask the High Court to find out what assets could be seized from the Minister of Equality to face the sentence.

A day after it was published that Montero – for whom Podemos is pressing to enter the possible new Government of Pedro Sanchez– had not paid the fine, the procedural representation of the politician, supported with public funds by the State Attorney’s Office, recorded the amount, but without the interest and costs to which the minister is obliged.

On May 22, 2022, the day he violated the “personal reputation” of Rafael Marcos According to the Supreme Court, Irene Montero assured that the pardon for Maria Seville granted by her Government meant giving shelter to “protective mothers” who only “defend themselves and their sons and daughters against the sexist violence of abusers.”

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