Irene Montero stars in the anecdote of the debate for her complicity with Feijóo and accuses Sánchez and Díaz of "kick out Podemos" of the government

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The rumor had been around the pools for weeks. ministrablesbut this Wednesday Irene Montero herself confirmed it: the still holder of the Equality portfolio in office has criticized that “Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz are going to kick Podemos out of the Government” because that, she said, “will make it extremely difficult to pass the words to facts to stop this reactionary offensive that is being deployed from political power and also from media and judicial power.

“There is no point in talking about feminism many times if you yourself have told the country, as the President of the Government has done, that feminism bothers your friends who are 40 and 50 years old,” criticized the party representative. purple in statements to the media in the Congress courtyard after listening to the re-election candidate’s speech.

The still deputy household He followed the parliamentary session with a serious expression until the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in his offensive against Sánchez, made him smile by pronouncing this phrase: “With how well they have done in Equality and it turns out that Mrs. Montero “She is a terrible minister, it is surprising. The most feminist government in history and the Minister of Equality is going to be fired?” The winner of the elections has also ended his speech with another direct allusion to the formation now led by Ione Belarra: “Push for a ministry or two, yes you can.”

In her appearance before the press, the promoter of the law only if is if He has declared, in turn, that we must “continue transforming” the country “with courage and without putting ourselves in profile” and that these are “hallmarks of Podemos.” In that sense, he added that “it would be good” for there to be “a coalition government and not just a government led by Pedro Sánchez”, thus implicitly denying Sumar’s ability to influence the new Executive.

The breakup of Podemos and Sumar is something that the former vice president and former leader of Podemos already takes for granted Pablo Iglesias, who this Wednesday defended that the formation household participate with its own brand in the next European elections: “We can have to assert itself, presence in the European elections is essential.”

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