Irina Shayk proves short cycling pants are back

    We had already suspected it: this summer 2020 the short cycling pants would return with force. Last holiday season they were everywhere, on many occasions thanks Gigi Hadid looks. Even Zoë Kravitz wore them in white during her pre-wedding, something of the most daring that only someone with his style and personality could do. A few weeks ago we saw Paula Echevarría with a style to be at home that gave us the first clues of the return of these short tights of the most comfortable.

    Now the last famous one is to confirm that they are already here and have come to stay for the next few months has been Irina Shayk. The model has gone out for a walk through the streets of New York and has once again left us a ‘street style’ of inspiration as she did a few weeks ago combining ‘perfect’ jacket, leggings and boots. This time he has opted for a dark denim shirt in an ‘oversize’ key, cyclists, flat platform boots, cap and sunglasses. A trendy style that is perfect to achieve a comfortable and relaxed result while remaining trendy.

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    Irina Shayk In Short Cycling Pants


    The key for cyclists to look good is to wear wider garments over the top, like the top did with its ‘oversize’ shirt. You can also use a jacket for a more formal look or a kimono if you want an ‘outfit’ to walk on the beach.

    As for footwear, with the heat already knocking on our doors, you can replace Irina’s boots with a pair of white Converse, flat sandals or wedges. You decide according to the occasion and based on what best suits your style.

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