Iris Mittenaere ignites the canvas with photos of her in the room of a luxury Parisian hotel

Iris Mittenaere has just returned from her latest vacation destination, Greece. But the young woman is still struggling not to leave her mind in the paradisiacal places she visits. Indeed, his returns to Paris are often painful for a few days. But this time, Iris Mittenaere found the solution to make a transition between Greece and the grayness of Paris. She offers herself a short stay in a luxury hotel in the capital. A good idea so that she can enjoy her last days of vacation while acclimatizing again to Paris. With her lover, Iris Mittenaere will still have exquisite moments, her fans adore.

Iris Mittenaere travels as much as possible to enjoy the summer

Iris Mittenaere will have been on the move this summer. It must be said that the former Miss France did not like being forced to stay at home for six consecutive weeks. Indeed, we were all obliged to respect the health rules in force during the peak of the epidemic. Rules still apply in order to limit as much as possible the circulation of the virus while allowing populations to take up work. Indeed, most of Iris Mittenaere’s work consists of traveling. To participate in artistic projects or promotions as a photo model. Difficult then for the young woman not to turn in circles during confinement. Indeed, taking different and surprising photos had become much more complex. But since May 11, she has regained her freedom of movement.

From the end of confinement, the star resumes his habits. Photographs in Peers, promotions of all kinds, sport and especially travel. Iris Mittenaere then goes on destinations of dreams. Always in the company of her lover, Diego El Glaoui, the former Miss France goes to Corsica, Switzerland and travels through France. Lately she is also enjoying a few days in Greece. Magical moments in fabulous settings are then just a click away from his fans. And the holidays are not over yet for Iris Mittenaere.

The latest stages are Greece, Paris and Lille

Back from Greece, she goes to Paris in a fabulous hotel. And she takes her fans around the owner via her Instagram Stories. What to delight the subscribers of the young woman. Indeed, we are all fond of knowing what our favorite celebrities’ daily life is like. And with Iris Mittenaere, we are never disappointed.

But his return to Paris was only short-lived. Indeed, Iris Mittenaere is currently in Lille. And it will also indicate that Lille is the most beautiful of cities. But before I can discover the photos of this news destination, it makes its subscribers enjoy the paradisiacal setting of this fabulous Parisian hotel.

Iris Mittenaere Hotel Paris

Spa with swimming pool, massages and treatments, everything is available in this superb hotel in the capital. Not far from the Champs-Élysées, the Damantin Hotel & Spa is a real gem in the heart of Paris. Enough to make a refreshing stopover for Iris Mittenaere before hitting the road again. No doubt, it was an unforgettable night. Like all the memories she has the opportunity to create during her vacation. The suite reserved for the former Miss France gives her access to all kinds of space reserved for relaxation and relaxation.

After a night in a high standard hotel, Iris Mittenaere sets off again

Once again, Iris Mittenaere invites her fans to dream and travel. All in the company of her closest accomplice, her lover. Diego El Glaoui and Iris Mittenaere never leave each other. The professional careers of the lovers seem to match enough to allow them to travel together when it is. necessary. It is therefore a beautiful revenge that the lovebirds take together after the long weeks of confinement. Indeed, fans of Iris Mittenaere could have believed that the confinement had negative repercussions on the couple of the former Miss France. But on the contrary, Diego El Glaoui and Iris Mittenaere are closer than ever.

Fans of the star are fond of his news

Who knows what the star’s next destinations are? The next projects of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere? The one who was elected Miss France and Miss Universe in 2016 has come a long way since. Her fans encourage her in everything she does and she is grateful to have them with her. We are obviously impatient to know what will make the daily life of the young woman in the coming days. At the moment we know simply that she is in Lille with her lover. Will she be returning to Paris soon? There is also talk of moving soon. Because she told her fans that she will not forget to show them around.

Iris Mittenaere has 2.4 million fans on Instagram. So many people who are ready to shower her with compliments at the slightest publication. And who are eager to discover new photos of the young woman. Indeed, they love to contemplate the beauty of Iris Mittenaere, just as much as they love to know how she lives on a daily basis. Thanks to her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere makes their dreams come true and adds magic to our daily lives that are much more routine than hers.

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