Irish seaport Rosslare is flourishing: ‘Brexit is good for us’

Carr: “We have seen a fundamental shift in supply routes at all levels. Especially the big Irish companies have made a strategic decision. They want to avoid all the hassle of Brexit. They avoid all the paperwork and possible delays that affect the supply of their products. endanger. “

Those companies have now found an alternative in Rosslare. Carr was surprised by the sharp increase in freight traffic. “There was no doubt that we would grow after Brexit. The big question was: how much freight traffic would use the new route? We certainly underestimated it. This is an unprecedented shift.”

Economic boom

No one has benefited more from this than the transport company Perennial Freight, which is based in nearby Wexford. The company has specialized in direct transport to the European mainland for twenty years. When the United Kingdom left the European Union’s internal market for good on January 1, Perennial Freight was in the starting blocks.

“Brexit is good for us,” said commercial director Chris Smyth. He shows the brand new storage warehouse that his company has built just outside the port with a view to Brexit. That was a smart move, because since 1 January it has been busier than ever. “We have many customers who have exchanged the UK land bridge for the direct route from Rosslare to Europe. We have seen an increase of 30 percent.”

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