Iron Maiden presents a $ 2 million lawsuit against 3D Realms for Ion Maiden


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British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden filed a $ 2 million trademark infringement lawsuit against 3D Realms on its next shooter Ion Maiden. A report by the Daily Beast claims that the band filed the lawsuit claiming what is an "incredibly brazen" brand infringement that could lead to "consumer confusion".

A second report by Blabbermouth corroborates the original story and adds more details. "Defendant of Ion Maiden the name is almost identical to the Iron Maiden brand in appearance, sound and general commercial impression, "reads the cause". The defendant also uses the Ion Maiden name to sell goods including shirts and mouse pads. "Iron Maiden's previous computer game was born, Legacy of the Beastand merchandise, which seems to be the main point of contention. There is also a link between the names of Maiden bassist Steve Harris and Ion Maiden the protagonist Shelley Harrison, which the band claims is a copy.

The Iron Maiden holding company claims that 3D Realms has consciously committed itself in violation of the brands with their "virtually identical imitation" of the band's brand. Along with asking for $ 2 million in damages, the lawsuit is demanding that 3D Realms stop using the "confusingly similar" mark and hand over the official's property Ion Maiden website.

I will be the first to admit that the comparison is not from nothing. Comments on previous articles for which I wrote Ion Maiden I raised the two and I even made the mistake in some drafts. That being said, the name of Iron Maiden is based on a medieval torture device and consists of two common words. This honestly makes me think that this is an offer of money rather than a legitimate claim of infringement. Someone is seriously confusing the two brands, especially when Ion Maiden Is it a computer game that relatively few people have heard of?

Anyhow, Ion Maiden could soon receive a name change. I don't see 3D Realms taking on a big band beyond the title of a game.

Iron Maiden files a $ 2 million trademark infringement caseIon Maiden& # 39; Video Game (Daily Beast)

IRON MAIDEN File $ 2 Million registered trademarks on & # 39; Ion Maiden& # 39; Video Game (Blabbermouth)

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