Ironick partnerka = klidn Galvas. Nahrvat Kaneovi? Jasn, nen problem!


It takes the first month in America. While waiting for years to come true, Galvas dazzled for the first time.

Tm 24 minutes of play.

All positions on the dog next to the stars Kane and DeBrincata.

One stela on the hill.

Mm pln pln phone congratulations. From family, friend, former teammates and manager from Olomouc and Finland. I’m so grateful to have your thumbs up, pov Heads and Wednesday evening. Just hours after the first debut, Chicago succeeded on the ice of Columbus 4: 2.

Do you know that?
I’m like a dream. A year ago, I wouldn’t expect my first NHL season to be my first season. I know that someone can honor that I managed it only thanks to the covido, but the reality is that all the boys chose me. I was very nervous at morning sanding, then it fell on me.

Who vs cleaned up?
They compete with kali, and I’m fine. It was getting dark before the race, then I went out on the ice, I saw people with banners everywhere … I was happy, a nice beer. And of course the help of a partner.

Is he in America with you?
Since the arrest. It was a bit complicated due to the change, but we have been together for five years, it suits me when we are together, because every day supports me. I really admire how much he cares. She changed the wheel so she could be with me and put me down. Before each race, I really calm down when we talk. Without it, it would be enough.

How vs will it stack?
She’s funny. I always say something ironic, that you still gave way, I will not come to him, to stay calm. And I’m really reassured. (smch)

Does he follow the tracks personally?
In Rockford, yes, for Chicago, I started a tikad pokad outside, so pi premie too. So he will see me in the Chicago jersey against Montreal for the first time. Actually, I don’t even know if they do it, always, it doesn’t matter (smch).

From the background of the video call, the partner’s contracted fender: Nekm!

Jakub Galvas se ucul a pov: Tak pr ne, pr nek.

Will you look for a partner in the lookout, and dte gl?
Well, I’d have to find out where he would sit first! I don’t know, it will be tk. Let’s see.

When did you actually find out about joining the NHL?
That day after taking it off. We had a day off in Vegas, there was no testing, and after the trip to Columbus. First, he passed a positive test to the defendant McCabe and also had to take part in the defense with Caleb Jones. But then it turned out that the covid and Caleb’s brother Seth had moved up behind Stillman. that I will play the first song, they said to me after a while.

To vm.
And that’s not the last time I went to the Rockford farm. It’s an incredible game with Kan and DeBrincat. Jin svt. We talked about how to play it, so I told them: Yeah, no problem! Nic sloitho. (smch)

How did you wonder who to kick when you got the puck on blue?
The boys told me that when the line would be unloaded and Stromer (Dylan Strome) would be in front of Brno, and I would still try to fire, but they blocked twice. So I always gave it to Kane and waited to see if it bore me or something.

Does it help you to work in Finland for two years? k se, ez tamn league bv leh pechod do zmo.
The Finnish league has prepared a certain style of skating. I took the first step and stand behind me. Even though Jukurit and I did not make the playoffs, for my development it was a no-brainer.

What about Chicago off the ice, can you get out of the hotel?
He wants us to wear veils and move cautiously, but we don’t have a mess. I just have to read that Chicago is full of non-European cities, we have to get used to it.

V em?
When I compare it with Finland, there is incredible sales, peace and security. People seemed fine. It’s a bit heavy here in Chicago, there’s a madhouse and concrete. On the other hand, it is true that New York is riding mountains. But don’t pay anything, this is the best league in the world.

A co Rockford?
I think that the Chicago farm has a perfect land and takes care of our quality, but there is not much to pay. It’s a small town and a neighborhood you’d better avoid. We also heard a scream, nothing nice.



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