Is Diablo IV charging the RTX 3080 Ti? Blizzard and Nvidia are already investigating what is happening

The moment that we have been waiting for so long has arrived, because the open beta of Diablo IV begins today for anyone who wants to enter the hellish world of sanctuary. However, there are some PC gamers who are not at all satisfied with the outcome of playing Early Access.

As they point out users on reddit and in the blizzard forums, your RTX 3080 Ti are experiencing black screens, fans at full power, and system reboots. To all this we must add that we are talking about a model manufactured by Gigabyte, which leads one to think that the problem comes from that specific GPU and not from the Blizzard title.

The truth is that for now both Nvidia and Blizzard have secured who are collaborating for investigate what exactly is happening. While they offer a definitive solution, here are the steps you can take if you are one of those affected:

  • Completely restart the PC power supply (AC OFF->AC ON) and check if the GPU can be detected in Windows.
  • If the GPU is detected in Windows, uninstall all drivers and install the new ones.

If you want prevention rather than cure, another option is to open the Nvidia Control Panel and limit FPS rate that the graphics card can offer. You can also do it from the Diablo IV beta itself, but it will be more effective to go to the source. There are those who are pointing directly to Gigabyte for this whole situation and even requesting returns

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