Is DJ LeMahieu staying in New York?

Now that Steven Cohen is the new owner of the Mets, and with Robinson Cano is out of the team for a year (saving the team $ 24 million), this has allowed him to enter the race for DJ LeMahieu to stay in New York as he desired.

DJ LeMahieu turned down the qualifying offer from the Yankees, which corresponded to $ 18.9 million for one year, which is a huge increase from the $ 24 million the Yankees had paid him for 2 years. According to sources they have not been able to reach an agreement between this team and the superstar.

However, the coronavirus pandemic limited Major League Baseball to 60 regular-season games, and without fans it hurt revenue. In the same way it threatens the income of the next season. Hence the Yankees’ methodical approach to re-signing DJ LeMahieu in New York. Slow play is all the rage across the industry.

Cohen, who suffered no significant losses in baseball last year as a minority owner of the Mets (and who instantly became the richest owner in the game), can afford to offer a big deal against DJ LeMahieu to get them to the New York Mets.

The Yankees face a great challenge to keep LeMahieu, and more so after losing 3 starting pitchers: JA Happ, James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka. And they are also grappling with the case of whether or not to stick with Gary Sanchez.

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