Is electricity more dangerous than gasoline? Bad end for the luxury English SUV

Unfortunately, accidents with electric cars continue as protagonists: this time Tesla’s autopilot has nothing to do with it, nor a test that went wrong. A proven luxury sports sedan is falling apart …

For a hair the owner did not end up roasting with the car! Here’s how the brand justified itself for what happened to this luxury sedan.

A near drama (KBB)

Fire and flames!

It’s not just electric scooters that have serious accidents like explosions and short circuits which can give rise to real fires apparently. And it’s not just Tesla’s autopilot that raises some concerns about the safety of electric cars. The latest case that took place not even a month ago is going around the world.

To make the “flames” on the market and not only was the flagship sedan of a brand that has moved very well in the electric transition. There Jaguar I-Pace it is a sedan that squeezes the lines of SUVs with its crossover shapes, a design that is very popular in the USA and that perhaps Alfa Romeo could take as an example for its next car. But let’s not digress.

As the Jaguar website itself states, the I-Pace is an electric car with more than decent performance: its average range on a single alternate cycle charge. almost 500 kilometers and in about eight and a half hours, the car is loaded and ready to go. At least, so believed the owner of this very badly finished specimen.

A bang and a lot of fear

The incident happened in the USA in mid-June, in Florida: “I put it in charge on the 16th evening and on the 17th morning I used it to cover twenty kilometers before returning home. Then I heard a crackle and saw smoke coming out of the garage and thought that where there is smoke there are flamessays the owner of the crossover who, demonstrating an enviable cool head, got into the car to move it in the middle of the road, away from other things and people.

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The decision of the man named Gonzalo Salazar saved him from huge economic losses but put his life at risk: shortly after, in fact, the Jaguar caught fire until it turned into a charred skeleton. If it happened with the car still in the garageperhaps the whole house would now be just a devastated ruin.

Pace Notebook 05_08_2022 Quattromania
A current photo of the incident (Notebook)

It took the firefighters a long time to put out the fire with a special foam provided. Then, it was time for investigations: “We are aware of the accident in Florida. We will inspect the vehicle, until then Jaguar is unable to make a statement on what happened “a spokesman for the British house said about it. In your opinion, what could have gone wrong?

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