Is’ Harry Potter back? Ron Weasley actor opens the doors

It has been almost a decade since we said goodbye to the ‘Harry Potter’ universe at the cinema; However, ‘The Deathly Hallows (Part II)’ might not be the last time we see the original cast on the big screen. This saga has become the most representative of the juvenile genre and, even today, we are witnessing the expansion of the magical world with ‘Fantastic animals and where to find them’.

While JK Rowling closed the main plot of “The Boy Who Survived”, the theater welcomed with high praise the natural continuation of the adventures at Hogwarts. ‘The cursed legacy’ is one of the great plays in London and year after year continues to fill the theaters, so perhaps it is only a matter of time before we see its film adaptation. An event in which the return of the stars that made the franchise great would be expected.

The lives of the actors changed forever when ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ was released and, although not everyone remembers this stage of their lives with the happiness that would be expected, Ron Weasley’s interpreter, Rupert Grint, only saves words of affection for the character who saw him grow. ‘Harry Potter’ is inherent in the childhood and adolescence of millions of people, which is why the announcement of a new installment would cause an unparalleled furor in the industry.

Rupert Grint Set to Return as Ron Weasley

It is unquestionable that the ‘Harry Potter’ saga would not have been the same without the impeccable charisma of its actors, giving life to the words of JK Rowling that revolutionized youth literature. The casting selection could not have been more successful, featuring a number of performers who seem to have been born exclusively for these roles. Therefore, the words of Rupert Grint in an interview for They have done nothing but excite all those “potterheads” who faithfully follow the news that may arise around the future of the franchise.

“I do not know. I mean, never say never “, The actor has started saying, hinting that there are no solid plans to adapt ‘The cursed legacy’. However, he wanted to go a step further and affirm that “I would never say absolutely not” since “it was a very important part of my life and I have a lot of affection for the character”. A predisposition that has tinged with a halo of hope for all those who dream of seeing him again in the shoes of the most famous redhead of all time: “I would be willing to do it at the right time. I don’t know when it would be, but yes, we’ll see ”.

In this way, without affirming or denying anything, Rupert Grint has opened the doors to the imagination of the public, showing himself willing to once again take up the wand and demonstrate why the Weasleys are so important in the Rowling universe. Of course, the rest of the cast has not spoken, so for the moment this reunion is nothing more than a cinematic utopia far from coming true.

What is the future of ‘Harry Potter’ in the cinema

JK Rowling does not want to abandon the work that made her jump to world fame And, now as a screenwriter, he continues to expand the magical saga within the cinema. ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ went back to the youth of Albus Dumbledore himself to tell us how the lover of beasts, Newt Scamander, already had to deal in his day with ill-fated wizards who use powers for their own benefit.

After a first installment that did not convince, but saved by the euphoria of the fans, and a second part that was a real narrative chaos, the writer has to reformulate the trajectory set to make up for the mistakes she never made with ‘Harry Potter’. A really complex challenge now that controversy has engulfed the production of the new sequel, culminating in the (forced) abandonment of Johnny Depp and the imminent entry of Mads Mikkelsen as the main villain of the new saga.

However, the followers of this universe are loyal enough to forgive anything and, since that Warner seems to have long-term plans with its most promising franchise, there is still time to correct course and cement future Scamander adventures that will not shake when compared to those of Harry Potter.

Now, beyond ‘Fantastic animals and where to find them’, after the words of Rupert Grint, we could be closer than ever to the adaptation of ‘The cursed legacy’. A continuation in which the original cast has already grown and this time it is their children who have to face the forces of evil; being a story that, who knows, could bridge another seven school years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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