“Is it normal for my husband to come home because he was addicted to the taste of his ex-wife’s rice?”

Even after starting a new family, the story of a man who constantly eats at his ex-wife’s house shocked viewers.

Hereinafter, SKY Channel-Channel A ‘The Sad Couple’

On the afternoon of the 18th, the SKY Channel-Channel A entertainment program ‘The Grievous Couple Who Wants to Be Hot Again’ (hereafter ‘The Grievous Couple’) was about a wife who fell into a ‘mind’ because of her husband, who was addicted to his ex-wife’s cooking skills and maintained a suspicious relationship. The story was introduced.

The wife married a ‘divorced man with a child’ who was opposed by family and friends, but, contrary to her worries, continued a happy married life thanks to her husband who actively supported his wife’s career. The wife explained that it was difficult for her to do housework because she was busy, but after marriage, she was able to combine work and family without much trouble after marriage with the side dishes and delivery food that her husband brought, saying, “Mom packed it for me.”

Then, the wife found out that her husband, who went to visit the child raised by his ex-wife every two weeks, left the child with his parents-in-law and disappeared. The wife, who became suspicious of her husband’s affair, began to dig behind her husband, and eventually witnessed a scene where her husband and ex-wife had a business-related meeting happily in a mansion, pretending to be married.

When the wife scolded her husband, “Are you having an affair with your ex-wife?”, the husband made excuses, saying, “Foreign buyers like home parties, so they just used it for work.” The husband also said to his wife, “Why are you asking your ex-wife?” to his wife, “What do you do when you accidentally ate the rice that your ex-wife made, and then you remember the sesame leaves? He snorted and confused his wife. Eventually, the wife went to her ex-wife’s house and ended the relationship by herself, saying, “I will never come back again.”

Afterwards, the wife thought that the relationship between her husband and ex-wife had ended. But it wasn’t. She found out that her husband had transferred a house to his ex. The wife, who went to visit her ex-wife, heard a shocking story that her husband had an affair with her before the divorce, and that the divorce was due to that. In addition, the ex-wife provoked his wife, saying, “I need a husband now as the father of the child. You are just a sleeping partner.” Confused between the ex-wife, who said she had a deep relationship with her husband, and the husband who denies the relationship with her husband, the wife sought help from the MCs.

MC Yang Jae-jin said, “I wonder if there is any meaning to what my husband did with his ex.” “My husband is greedy, self-centered, and married the storyteller with lies. I wonder what kind of trust I can give to such a person as a spouse. It was the last chance that heaven gave me to the storyteller to find out.” Song Jin-woo said, “I think it is possible to transfer a house or have a meal for the child. But the problem is that everything was a secret and a lie to my wife. The future will only be a lie.” Choi Hwa-jung cheered the storyteller, saying, “I have a marriage despite opposition, so I want to protect it more, but I am too precious to risk my life because of other people’s opinions.”


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