Is it true? Rachkov before a fateful step

It is said that Dimitar Rachkov asked for the most fateful gift for his 50th birthday – a child from his fiancee Anita. The actor, who once left the National Theater because he found it difficult to make ends meet, and ventured into sleaze and swag, masterfully brought to an extremely high-paid peak, dreamed of a baby. Rachkov adores his already grown son, Dimitar Jr., whose mother is the actress and screenwriter Hristina Apostolova, but to this day he regrets that he was not able to devote enough time to him due to the pursuit of commitments.

The topic of the next Rachkov Jr. was ignited in virtual space by Gala. She literally wished peace to the comedian and his beloved, from whom everyone is expecting the good news. And according to those boiling and seething in the complex visual strategy of social networks, the muse Rachkova refused to flood the net with her photos for a single reason – to hide the change in her figure. Such a hypothesis was based on the strong relationship between Rachkov and the beauty from Haskovo – he refused nothing to her, she to him – too. Therefore, now that Rachkov was ready to become a father for the second time, the sexy lady responded with joy.

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