Is it true that the Asteroid 2023 DW will hit Earth in 2046? Here’s the Explanation

The asteroid is expected to hit Earth in 2046. (NASA via Live Science) – Previously, NASA predicted that a 50-meter asteroid named 2023 DW would have the opportunity to hit Earth in 2046.

Yep! The news of the newly discovered asteroid was uploaded by NASA’s Office of Planetary Defense Coordination.

Reported from Scientific AmericanAsteroid 2023 DW was first detected by NASA on February 27, 2023.

This asteroid rock has a diameter of about 50 meters or roughly as long as the swimming pool used for the Olympics.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) predicts that this asteroid will have 1:625 direct impacts on Earth.

However, is it true that the 2023 DW asteroid will crash into Earth in 2046? Let’s find out the answer together, come on!

Asteroid Will Hit Earth In 2046, Really?

Rumors have been circulating about an asteroid that will hit Earth on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2046.

Many news stories suggest their readers to reconsider the plans to be made in 2046.

Reported from Live Sciencenow NASA has revised its forecast of an asteroid hitting Earth in the next 20 years.

NASA says that the chance of an asteroid hitting Earth is around 1:770. That is, most likely this estimate will miss.

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